Hard Wood

Starry night skies beg for fires. The whole world is on fire while my own little insignificant world is enjoying a little backyard fire of its own. As the flames lick the dead wood which once teemed with life, the emotions pour out… crackling, hissing and popping like a symphony for the universe.

Fire is such a powerful, beautiful symbol. Before a fire can take place, a journey must occur. The journey always teaches life lessons that we may or may not be open to receiving. The fuel for the fire is usually a culmination of the journey. The fuel that ultimately ignites the fire can be laced with good intentions, however the more likely sources are greed, desire, lust, death, remorse, or just plain boredom.

No matter the fuel, the fire itself is inevitable and may even be welcome. Cleansing. And what’s left behind after the coals have cooled is light and airy. The feeling is almost euphoric. The transformation finally complete. Ash is tossed into the wind and reunited with the earth.

The earth welcomes the fresh ash and digests it hungrily. The tiny seed just below the surface which was written in the stars is encouraged to burst to life thanks to the ash. The suffering is over. New life blooms once more as the cycle repeats. The new journey is promising and full of possibilities. New lessons and opportunities will grow and thrive.

However, it is up to us to continue to provide the sun and water for our hopeful seed. If we allow ourselves to get pulled back to the flames, we’ll get burned and scarred. We must let go of the flames no matter how enticing they may appear. The rebirth is unimaginably beautiful and we must trust the journey.

I have enjoyed writing this blog, however it is time for me to allow the flames to appear in order to make way for the next journey. Be good to yourselves, fuckers. Life is too short for regrets. Keep dancing in and out of the flames.

Cheers to fucking,